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Traveling with a writer
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Hi, my name is Alice Morgan and I am a writer by profession. I am working with the most reputable organization in the United Kingdom. I have many hobbies but among them, I prioritize Traveling. Traveling is my love. I lived in the United States before, when I visited the UK, I fell in love with this county. This group is all about my traveling journeys in the UK. Follow it for more updates. I visited London first, and this city is the most beautiful I have ever visited. One of the great parts about traveling to London is that it is that city where you can stay for days. Being a cpid writer at, I have written so many blogs on my travel to the UK. And the most favorite of mine is about traveling to London. You can visit close-by destinations like Oxford, Birmingham, Cambridge, Bath, or you can even take the train to Edinburgh or Paris from London. I have written more detailed blogs on my journey to London, which I will be sharing here.